About me

I was born and grew up in Genoa. 

I graduated in Architecture in 2014 but I have Made a different choice for my life, being particularly interested in visual arts like photography.

At the beginning I didn’t limit myself to a single photographic kind: I preferred to vary from nature to action photography, from portraits to scene. 

After having tested all kinds, I have therefore decided to choose action sports photography. 

Since I was a teenager I was surrounded by bmx and skateboards and growing up, downhill mountain bikes, motocross and sports cars… 

I think that this type of environment conditioned and directed me to action sports, automotive and outdoor photography, the main fields of my present job.

I have had the chance to collaborate with companies like Jeep, Ducati, KTM, Slam Sailing, Ariete, Just1, Errea and others.  

Furthermore I have published some of my pictures on sector magazines such as Endurista Magazine, Ferro, Chop and Roll and XOff Road.

I am currently based in Genoa and I work all over Italy and beyond.


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