Lorenzo Refrigeri Photographer

Freeride passo Forcola, Livigno 2017

Friday 14/07/2017 leaving to Livigno with Comma9Industry crew: the occasion is CPGANG Party Ride, an event gathering downhill Italian and international riders.

Location: Mottolino Bike Park, wonderful place with breathtaking landscapes and insane trails: in two words, the dream of all riders!

At the arrival, some friends, told us about a slope discovered by chance some days before close to Livigno and perfect for freeriding: therefore we decided, leaving back to Genoa, to go there and take some shoot living, in this way,  an unforgettable experience.

The slope is in Poschiavo (CH), just after Passo Forcola of Livigno, mountain pass of the Alpi Retiche Occidentali.

The spot we saw in front of us was really unbelievable: the beauty and magnificence of the mountain stirred great emotions and a bit fear.

After having parked our cars we started going up with the bikes on shoulders and the photographic gear in hands.

Because of the 75% slope and the weight of the bikes, it took about 45 minutes to reach the top.

Perceptions and emotions were the most different but once on the top, with helmet and googles, everything changed: we, the adrenalin, the mountain and nothing else.

Not all reached the top: the first ones to come down were those who had just travelled half or 2/3 of the slope.

Along with the first “departures”, a number of curious persons started observing us and creating slowing down in the traffic. Almost all riders had come down when, because of the queue of cars, the Swiss Customs Police arrived and “kindly invited” everybody to reach their offices: I took my camera and I went down me too.

They took our documents for some checks: a two-hour never ending preamble.

Because of our adventure, as much as beautiful and exciting, we had unconsciously risked to damage a natural park and, moreover, to get highly fined: as a matter of fact, the slope in question is part of a protected natural area that cannot be walked outside of marked trails.

In order to avoid the same experience to other adventurers, we invite all of you to always take information and proceed as much safely as possible.

Lorenzo Refrigeri