This is a wet shooting

Yes, I was born in Genoa, however the sea in not exactly my natural element: I feel much better on the top of a mountain or in the middle of a forest.

As my cousin is a very high level sailor, I have decided to go and take pictures of him during his training: a new experience out of my comfort zone.

It was December 16th 2017, 09:00 am, 10 C°, a quite windy day.

Yacht Club Italiano, training time: I went by boat with Anna, the trainer.

The boat was actually a rubber dinghy, a wet dinghy where you are more exposed to bad weather.

Anna is the typical woman you see in a film: a woman in one piece, expert in her field and very frank.

In training the teams are 4: 2 are more expert than the others.

Just out the breakwater I realised that the situation was less optimistic than I had imagined.

Both I and the gear were protected enough thanks to nothing more than waterproof covering and insulating tape for the equipment and ski suit for me: I for sure looked like quite ridiculous.



I have never taken pictures in these conditions: cold, snow, rain… or better, snow and rain normally fall from the sky they do never “climb from the bottom”.

Before that day I could only imagine how much you can “dance” and get wet: now I know!

Non-stop shots, cold wind, practically no maneuvering space, endless buckets of water on me and the gear.

Finally I learnt how to manage the waves according to our position and I started understanding the wind direction: what was really difficult, then, was to remain stable as everything moved: the sea, the sail boat, the dinghy and me too.

Anna was very kind with me and supported all my requests.

Every time the boat of a team capsized, she lighted up 2 cigarettes: one that flew away immediately and the other only a bit later.

While taking pictures I got wet everywhere: my beard and hands were soaking wet and icy, gloves and hat perfectly useless.

Nevertheless, despite the cold, the water, the soaked garments and  the gear at risk I understood once more that my job is the best in the world.

Lorenzo Refrigeri